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Keeping Your Space Leased Is The Point

Marketing commercial properties is part of our in-house expertise. We strategize with you, and give you a range of marketing tactics to attract new tenants. We are real estate brokers, but we’ll call in outside help if we think it’s needed to fit the location or property type. We’re flexible for a reason: to find the right solution to get empty spaces leased. In buildings we manage, we stay on top of current tenants’ happiness quotient and plan retention strategies way ahead of the lease-renewal date.

It’s our responsibility to keep you apprised of the market and suggest strategies for keeping your building occupied. Our accounting practices help you plan for the long view so you can weather any less-than-terrific times.

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“Investment properties has managed our leased space for nearly 15 years with a team that is second to none. They keep our leased space in excellent shape while containing costs. Investment properties is a well-run and professional property management company that is a pleasure to work with.”

F.O Day Co., Inc.

“We have been genuinely pleased with the management services that Investment Properties provides for our company. We have been tenants for over 15 years. We would recommend Investment Properties because of their level of service, honesty and concern for their tenants.”

Santos Postal Company

“We have been clients of Investment Properties for more than 15 years. The management services provided in connection with our small commercial property, which has had surprisingly complex issues, has been excellent, highly professional and exceedingly cost effective. These services have covered a wide range of issues, including dealing with difficult tenants, peculiar real estate tax issues, long-term strategic planning.”

Apex Real Estate